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Travel Writing Workshop by Umesh Pant

Umesh Pant is an award-winning travel author and vlogger. He has written two travelogues, contributed to a travel anthology, and written several travel columns for national newspapers.

He also conducts travel writing workshops, both online and offline. 

For enquiries related to conducting group or individual workshops, write to 

Participants' reviews

The travelogue workshop organized by Mr. Umesh Pant was an enriching experience in every aspect. It covered the interests and questions that every travel enthusiast has. The workshop managed to keep everyone invested due to its interactive and fun nature. It provided a great platform for discussion. Mr. Pant was well versed with his area of expertise and his knowledge brought a lot of information to life through practical explanations full of relevant examples. All in all, it was a wonderful experience!
Naina Khanna
Media Student
Write your own story, write for yourself!” are the lines that will remain with me from the workshop conducted by Mr. Umesh Pant on ‘Travelogues: Journey through the Visuals.’ It was an enriching experience hearing Mr. Pant who captured all dimensions on and around travel writing, journalism, and photography. It was comprehensive and well-structured workshop which dealt with each step involved in writing a Travelogue and the experience itself
Alona Yadav
Media Student
A workshop on the topic of Travelogue was conducted in the Indraprastha College for Women by the Department of Multimedia and Mass Communication, it was an eye-opening session as the speaker, Mr. Umesh Pant, dedicatedly explained the nuances of travel writing to the students. His informative anecdotes struck a chord with the students and introduced them to the world of Traveling, Exploring and Writing.
Navya Agarwal
Ip College for Women, University of Delhi

Participants at Umesh’s travel writing workshop organized by department of Multimedia and Mass Communication on 28 February 2024 at Indraprastha College of Women, University of Delhi. 

I never realized traveling and media could intersect to form a profession until Mr. Umesh Pant came to our college and gave a well-structured and interactive workshop on Travelogues, igniting my peers’ curiosity. He answered all the questions from our curious minds gently. He shared the vast knowledge of travel writing from pre-travel research to post-travel research, which opened a whole new world to us, the media students. I am grateful for newfound inspiration and understanding he has instilled in me and my peers.
Ishaanvi Singhal
MMMC, Delhi University
Being a travel enthusiast and someone who loves to write, Mr. Pant’s workshop proved to be a delightful experience. He talked about different forms of writing, what to keep in mind when you write, things to remember while traveling, and so much more in detail with a lot of passion which kept everyone's eyes trained on him. All in all, the workshop was enlightening and informative.
Anupriya Pandya
MMMC, Delhi

Umesh Pant with Participants of his travel writing workshop at Mass Media department on 30 November 2023 at Ramlal Anand College, University of Delhi. 

Engaging in the travelogue session with Umesh sir, a seasoned traveler and author was a great learning experience. His experiences and anecdotes from all around the world made it an insightful session. I realized the importance and elements of pre-trip planning while travelling and learned how building interpersonal communication skills is essential to understand new cultures.

Manya Srivastava

Media student, Delhi

Participants of online travel writing workshop by Umesh Pant organized by Chalat Musafir, a travel portal.

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